Reviving Teams

Working with teams is less commonly seen as a way of using coaching to good effect but it can be highly effective. Teams act as both the fuse box and circuit breaker for delivery in organisations. We spend a large amount of our working time in them yet most of us would say that they are far from consistently productive.

Team coaching can combine both individual and collective coaching in tandem, or focus solely on a series of team coaching sessions. It is often helpful to start with a series of individual interviews designed to establish both a current collective starting place and some draft coaching objectives for the team to prioritise. Depending on those priorities, team coaching sessions will allow the team to explore how they work in practice while actually working as opposed to offline in a team training scenario.

The kinds of issues which many teams tackle may include:

  • do we actually need to operate as a team, group or network of individuals for some or all of our goals to be met?
  • do we share the same understanding of why this team exists and how our success should be measured?
  • how do we collectively manage our relationships with key stakeholders and those who deliver against the goals we set?
  • how do we set and adapt priorities, and choose how to allocate time and resources to them?
  • how do we work together as human beings in a way that is generous and effective?
  • what does collective leadership mean to us and mean that others expect of us as a team and as team members?

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