Resetting Priorities

This is usually the core of my executive coaching work designed for those transition points in working life when we see something we need to tackle or grow. It is often, but not always, about responding to an external change such as a new role or changing responsibilities. It may also be triggered by an internal shift in priorities which creates a desire to tackle old challenges perhaps in new ways. It may even include some leaders and managers who want to develop their own coaching skills at work by using a coach as a mentor.

This kind of coaching work – done either directly with individuals or with individuals as part of a business contract – is usually very solution-focused in style. Clients tend to come with an initial set of objectives within a relatively specific focus, although it is not unusual for those objectives to evolve as coaching progresses. In a common process of 6-8 sessions, usually spread out over a few months, a mid-point review will allow the client to refocus if their goals have changed. While respecting the confidentiality of the coaching relationship, I will usually encourage corporate clients to consider ways to evaluate their own process and communicate RoI if someone else is paying the bills. Success in this kind of solution-focused punchy coaching is often when the client starts to self-coach creating a way of managing themselves and others which becomes part of their own management style.

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