Renovating at Midlife

Do you feel as if you have misplaced your Muchness?

For many of us, midlife is a time of challenge which can cause us to question parts of our past, past and future priorities. Life events often mean that the structures and priorities which shaped our earlier lives have naturally evolved into something different. And we may feel a deep sense of unease about what comes next and who we are without our old roles in those structures. Questions that may seem at first glance to be simple ones – who am i as a parent when my children are adults, or a daughter if my parents have died, or a leader if i feel a sense of ennui about my work life, are there paths untravelled that are closed to me now – can provoke the kind of uncertainty that may lead towards something that looks like the infamous crisis of midlife.

It can be a time when some run hard to avoid the questions or throw life spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Or double down and do more and more of what they have always done in the hope that the storm will pass. You can do that if you wish.

Or you can trust that this is a normal process, if perhaps an uncomfortable one, and work with me to identify, retrieve and feed your Muchness.