What Makes A Business Look For A Coach?

I have worked for a number of organisations coaching their managers and leaders either individually or as a team. Almost all of them have a wide range of alternative ways to develop and grow the performance of their senior staff. What are the triggers that lead them to consider coaching as an option? And what are the factors that make it the right choice? Read More

What Makes Someone Like You Look For A Coach?

The people I coach are smart people, experienced in life and work. Most of them have had more successes than failures in their life. Most of them are not on their uppers or in crisis or feeling lost. So why do they decide to use a coach like me? Read More

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Prompted a little by Bishop Currys’s powerful sermon at the recent royal wedding, I thought I’d be brave enough to put ‘love’ and ‘coaching’ in the same sentence! Often as coaches, particularly working in corporate environments, we are nervous about openly using emotional language. It is safer to act as if individual development, and thus the coaching process, are things of the head; steps and processes and structures and solutions. Read More

Are You An Imposter?

An interesting article about the ‘imposter syndrome’ albeit focusing on the female experience of it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carolkinseygoman/2018/05/17/how-women-can-escape-the-imposter-syndrome-trap/#7ec960bc489b

The article started me musing on what I have learned about the imposter syndrome from listening to people I coach.

Read More

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