Isn’t It Time You Moved On?

A post from another site about the challenges of letting go to move forward…

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I wasn’t really in the mood to work on the book last night. It had been a long day and I was tired. I forced myself, however, to open my laptop and start editing. The chapter in question was one of the first I had written, some six months ago. I knew it would need a bit of renovation as I feel my writing has improved since I started this journey. The early chapters, I find, require more scrutiny with regards continuity, structure and plot development.

As I read it my heart sank. The words just didn’t flow. The plot was full of holes and as for the quality of the writing? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t one of my finest literary sessions. I began to despair as I read over one particularly clunky segment. How on earth was I going to turn this pigs ear into a silk…

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What Makes A Business Look For A Coach?

I have worked for a number of organisations coaching their managers and leaders either individually or as a team. Almost all of them have a wide range of alternative ways to develop and grow the performance of their senior staff. What are the triggers that lead them to consider coaching as an option? And what are the factors that make it the right choice? Read More

Dear Coach….

I’ve decided to start an ‘ask the coach’ page here from July 1st. I’ll share some issues and coaching first responses (anonymously of course to protect the glorious and guilty alike!) So, if you have a question, one of those mental itches that I talked about in an earlier post, drop me an email to see what coaching brings to the party or use the contact form below

What Makes Someone Like You Look For A Coach?

The people I coach are smart people, experienced in life and work. Most of them have had more successes than failures in their life. Most of them are not on their uppers or in crisis or feeling lost. So why do they decide to use a coach like me? Read More

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Prompted a little by Bishop Currys’s powerful sermon at the recent royal wedding, I thought I’d be brave enough to put ‘love’ and ‘coaching’ in the same sentence! Often as coaches, particularly working in corporate environments, we are nervous about openly using emotional language. It is safer to act as if individual development, and thus the coaching process, are things of the head; steps and processes and structures and solutions. But here’s the thing…I work with a lot of smart, experienced people and if their challenge was simply a missing bit of information or purely a rational analysis, they would ask a friend, look for a you tube tutorial, read a book or make a ‘to do differently’ list and JDI. So, what is the missing bit that brings ‘love’ into the mix? Read More

Are You An Imposter?

An interesting article about the ‘imposter syndrome’ albeit focusing on the female experience of it.

As a coach, I see this at play in both men and women that I work with. The article suggests the need to own your accomplishments, find ways to step up to taking your earned place at the ‘table’ and to experiment with the signals you send through both your body and verbal language in line with the well-known Amy Cuddy TED talk.

All useful advice for both genders, and in both work and life situations, but the article started me musing on what I have learned about the imposter syndrome from listening to people I coach. Read More

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