I have been coaching since about 1988. In that time, the focus of my coaching and the way I coach has evolved as I have. I started coaching to support leadership development at British Airways, coached leaders and teams as a change management consultant and then found myself doing a different kind of coaching about ten years ago. Almost by accident, I found myself working more with professional women and doing more person-centred coaching than traditional executive coaching. Why? Because I found that women often didn’t draw the same hard lines between work and life and shared some common perspectives on what makes personal change hard.

In the last few years, this approach has evolved into what I call Renovation Coaching. Working with women who need a solid partner to rebuild or refresh a significant part of their lives. Either because life hit them with a a sudden unexpected plot twist. Or because they feel now is finally the time to tackle a sticky challenge or a postponed dream.

You can learn more about my experience and qualifications on https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendi-pasco-mcgregor-2b20551/

Just as important, maybe even more important, my coach ‘flavour’ – and I have checked this out with some of my clients – is that I am kind, direct, creative, encouraging and reassuringly experienced as both a coach and human! Oh, and good at telling stories and using words that help you look through a different window on an old view….. Let’s call that Chocolate Chip with a hint of Caramel flavour, shall we?