Self-Care Experiments: Do What You Can Today Plus A Bit

Today’s self-care thought is for anyone out there who is struggling with a degree of anxiety or the kind of inertia that comes with depression or grief.

First thing to say is that some of us get it. We know what it feels like to walk in those shoes. Or more accurately perhaps to stand frozen in them.

There is a Shakespearian quote, I think from King Lear, that “Nothing will come of nothing”. So, today, I want to invite you to do Something. But not to do so by unleashing that long list of ‘I should’ or ‘why can’t I…’ that tends to awaken the Dragons!

No. I’m suggesting you ask yourself “What CAN I do today?” And then do that. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Some of us know what it feels like when taking a shower feels like climbing Everest. Actually, it doesn’t even matter what it is in the greater scheme of things.

You are trying to create a small swing in the first silver ball in the picture. That’s all. The point is movement not content.

So, do what you can today. And then, do another thing you can, if you can. And when you have done what you can, when you have set a silver ball or two swinging, remember to say thank you and well done to yourself.

And if you want to, feel free to share your first silver ball examples with the rest of us….

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