I used to live in a little house close to marshland and there were lots of dragonflies. They are extraordinarily beautiful if you get the chance to see them up close but I didn’t know much about them as a species.

The name Dragonfly is a peculiar one but I’m going to keep running with my metaphor of Dragons that I’ve been using for the last few weeks, hoping that it is useful enough that you will bear with me!

Let’s imagine then that during our coaching work, you have been able to name your Dragons. You have learned how to invite them in to sit in a corner quietly with a fresh pot of tea, maybe even a slice of cake, to let them wander in and wander off. Perhaps you have even learned to view your Dragons with a kinder eye and found a way to use them like a small risk-management thermometer. What else might you do that would create a smoother glide towards your goals?

Imagine that the room also has Dragonflies. Bright little iridescent flashes of blue and green and gold. And these little Dragonflies carry words or images that give you the opposite of Dragon shouting. They remind you of what you’ve managed to achieve or survive in the past. They remind you of bits of your best or strongest self. They remind you of how it might feel to be you when you have created the very thing you are trying to change or build. They remind you of why, even when it feels hard, you will keep going. They can even be a glittering little celebration party in the air of all those small bits of real progress that go to make a big step forward. Perhaps they just say ‘What if?’…..

And you can choose at any given moment to open the window and call them in…..

What are your Dragonflies saying right now?

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