Self-Care Experiments: Today is ‘Best’?

What do you ‘save for best’? Or postpone ‘until I’ve…’? Not that I’m suggesting you have a tiara tucked in a drawer. Although you might….

But I bet you have a Something.

A bright-coloured dress in the wardrobe when you usually wear black or navy. A big thick book or a spa voucher you will use when you have time. A snazzy hat. A place you want to visit. Playing the drums. Learning to draw. Or sail. Or swim. Or dance. An expensive gift. A cheap catch up with an old friend. When you’re……When you have time….When you’re not…. When it’s the perfect time…When you deserve it….

When I cleared my parents house, I found that my mother had a drawer full of Somethings. Mostly gifts that she was ‘saving for best’ but that day that never came. And that seemed so sad that it made me think about when I do something similar. The life equivalent of eating your greens before the tasty chicken or roast potatoes! But we are grown-up women now and we can change some of those rules….we can wear a purple hat or garden in a tiara or put something we want to do ahead of all the things we think we have to do on our mental list? Just today. Just for an hour. Just to see how it feels.

What Something ‘Saved For Best’ – real or planned – will you pull out of the drawer and use today? I’m going to brunch in red shoes!

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