What Does ‘Self-Care’ Actually Mean To You?

My take on self-care has changed rather a lot over the last few years. I used to associate it with things like spa breaks or getting my hair done. Now I see it as being more diverse and more like a kind of personal scaffolding. That what I need changes at different times and what works for me is a process of trial and error.

And, above all, that working out what it actually means to me is part of giving myself permission to ask for – or create – what I need. Which is sometimes surprisingly difficult! And even when I know what I need, for some strange reasons, I don’t always act on it. So I will be posting some weekly regular snippets called ‘The Self-Care Experiments’ hoping that this will encourage people to share their ideas and experiences.

What does ‘self-care’ mean to you? How have you gone about finding what works for you and what does not?

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